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Pascale Christoffel Artiste Peintre.jpg
Pascale Christoffel Artiste Peintre.jpg

Pascale Christoffel was born in Brussels on October 24, 1962. From a family of jewelers, she naturally followed training in drawing and creating precious stones in Paris and Brussels, which launched an international career in goldsmithing.

The need for a more sensual relationship with the material imposed itself on her and marked the beginning of her artistic career in 1989 with a technique of collage, pigment and work on wood in memory of the Ancients, inspired by the masters and their students from the 18th and 19th, mainly Italian and French schools. His participation in multiple exhibitions, fairs and shows in Europe immediately met with great success from the public.

Between 2009 and 2013, she then followed training in art therapy at the University of Lille, which resulted in an approach as an art therapist in a collective project on the theme of identity. Which will generate a tangent in his spiritual artistic journey.

In deep reflection, in search of a new expression and inhabited by an ever more demanding sensitivity, in 2015, Pascale encountered the fluidity, the freedom of oil painting. She finds in this medium a silent and chromatic world which allows her to express her idealism on edge, to release her unspeakable anxieties to achieve total freedom of her expressiveness. Each canvas is an entanglement between our interior and exterior worlds, punctuated by geometric arabesques, real weavings which interweave fields of colors, masses and voids which meet, get lost, to finally unite in a vibration of emotional forms .


Pascale's work screams and whispers at the same time. Resonance of shapes, vibrations of flat areas and volumes, we seek our own traces, our own sounds in this visual acoustics.


In 2017, wanting to share her atypical journey, Pascale decided to open a workshop run by contemporary paintings. Space for abstract pictorial creation, introducing everyone at their own pace.


The role of the workshop is to allow everyone to personally find their style. In 2018, Pascale began a collaboration with the private banking of Deutsche Bank, purchasing works of art and collaborations on events to promote the artist.


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marie claire.png
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