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Each canvas is an entanglement between our interior and exterior worlds, punctuated by geometric arabesques, real weavings which interweave fields of colors, masses and voids which meet, get lost, to finally unite in a vibration of emotional forms . Pascale's work screams and whispers at the same time. Resonance of shapes, vibrations of flat areas and volumes, we seek our own traces, our own sounds in this visual acoustics.

Stones 2023

Stone has fascinated humanity for centuries.

Immutable and protective, it embodies the harmony and balance of the universe.

Pascale Christoffel, through her career, knows the profound beauty of stones like the hardness of diamonds, a metaphor for inner strength and resilience.


For her, each stone speaks of a family story passed down from generation to generation and she expresses with love and humility her gratitude towards her roots which inspired her and to which she returns.


Pascale Christoffel then deeply felt the need to express “minerality”.

She chooses the inks to reveal the radiance of the iridescent surface of the stone while she sculpts with resin and materials its bubbling heart, tornadoes of raw and soft cuts at the same time.


The artist offers us a dazzling immersion in the mineral world, just like ours.

The multiple chromatic refraction of lights, transparent superpositions of moments lead us on a thread to the origin and to the reconnection to life.

Vibrations 2020

The “Vibrations” series is the fruit and culmination of a very particular period of her life, as Pascale Christoffel confided to me with disarming sensitivity.


Strange moments when her imperceptible feeling of waves both internal and external generated doubts and questions in her about the turmoil of a new world to come.

Answers flow and lead him to become aware of a new, liberating direction to take.


From there, finally, springs the intertwining of shapes, lines and vital colors so dear to the artist.

The deep sensitivity which founded each touch or touch placed on a painting by Pascale Christoffel leads us on a gently rhythmic thread to a serene rebirth.

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